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REMEMBER: Using this database to have your character know about a character listed here is meta gaming!

Members of the New Dawn (23)

Clan of Balance
- Shadoloo Tan
- Atherius Delaan
- Calranthe
- Cerillius Fidelii
- Thorak
- Gwildyr
- Kaeto Aurelius
- Khotis Sepath
- Sedrian Zerdrid Araveromon

Clan of the Siblings
- Ravenna Perennial
- Kurzan O'Cuillean
- Anamara Anok'Tsuten
- Khalid Osahar
- Shannow Gromath

Clan of Lore
- Lapis Nithotep
- Imthara Nok'tsunamon

Clan of Nature
- Jherica
- Volund Raskogr

Clan of Secrets
- Artemis Guevarna
- Junia Livinius
- Zahra un Osahar
- Isara Nefertari

- Rashad Mahdi

Sharifal - Not members of HotND, kill on sight. (7)

- Grevous
- Saze Missherd
- Lesi Boki
- Torius
- Archenthorpe Pelious
- Nakuza
- Daroose Imtal

Others (2)

Free Companions
- Asyrion
- Aulus Archaeus

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